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Testing and Tagging

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Regular testing is key to early detection, safety and reliability.

Introducing eSafe's 5-step system.

eSafe’s five-step system helps to eliminate the tragic consequences of workplace electrical accidents and the industrial implications that follow.

Thermal Imaging

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Eliminate the possibility of electrical fires and emergencies!

About electrical thermography.

Most faults with electrical switchboards can’t be seen with the naked eye. Our thermal imaging service can detect loose connections, hot spots and faults.

Exit Lights and Signs

Maintenance by eSafe

Ensure your exit signs are professionally maintained.

Inspection, maintenance and replacement.

eSafe will inspect and test your exit lights, signs and luminaries and can perform maintenance or replace as necessary.

Microwave Leakage

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Ensure compliance with
Australian standards.

Limit exposure to unsafe radiation.

eSafe will ensure that radiation levels produced from microwave ovens are within the tolerances set by the Radiation Health Committee.

RCD Testing

Electronic Testing

Have an eSafe technician test your RCDs and Safety Switches.

Avoid serious injuries and fatalities.

Safety Switches are prone to failure, so routine electronic testing and measuring is imperative to ensure the integrity of your RCDs.

Data Management

Online Reporting

eSafe makes WorkCover legislation compliance easy.

Concise and accessible reporting.

eSafe offers sophisticated data management systems to eliminate the pressures involved in complying with WorkCover legislation and guidelines.