Environmental Policy

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esafe services acknowledges the importance of protecting environmental values as part of the global community.

Through its planning and practice, eSafe is committed to ensuring the protection of the environment by keeping environmental impacts to a minimum in a sustainable, financially rewarding and technically feasible manner.

This Policy is endorsed by eSafe's director and senior management and will be reviewed at least annually to ensure it is appropriate to the nature,scale and environmental impacts of its’ activities and services.

This Policy guides all decisions relating to eSafe’s environmental performance and eSafe is committed to continual improvement of its environmental management system and environmental management performance through:

  • Identifying, designing, implementing, maintaining and monitoring policies and procedures with the goal of achieving cost effective environmental management appropriate to the significance of environmental issues being addressed
  • Enhancing the process of improvement of environmental management, building ownership and support through seeking input, feedback and participation on environmental issues from all employees and agents
  • Establishing environmental objectives and setting quantitative targets relative to minimising pollution, waste and resource consumption at all levels in the organisation together with recovery, recycling and reuse of resource materials
  • Identification of and keeping abreast of all legislation and regulations relevant to its’ activities and complying with such
  • Communication of this Policy to all its employees, agents and other stakeholders. It will be displayed in a prominent place in each of its offices, Internet Website, including where appropriate in its advertising literature, tenders and contracts and be available to members of the public.
- Glen E. Browne (Director)