Methodology and Organisation

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esafe services receive work requests by phone, fax or email to our nearest regional office, or to our head office where it is distributed for commencement.

Upon initiation of the work request, we call the client’s site contact to agree upon a suitable time to commence the work.

Ongoing tracking and updating of the work performed is done by our state supervisors using electrical testing and tagging and asset management software.

The same software is used to download test data and to create final reports for our clients. Generally these reports are sent in electronic format via email however, they can be requested in hard copy format or be available online by providing you and your staff with secure login ability. When this is done and an invoice is raised, the job will be closed off and automatically scheduled for retesting using our asset management software.

Our organisation’s response time for all current clients is five days from notification of the work request to booking in the work to be done. Often there will be a requirement for higher priority jobs for faster action. We are happy to provide service response times to reflect the needs of your organisation.

Similarly our current time frame for delivery of reports and invoicing—closing off of a job is five days from completion. The production of this report and certificate of compliance is the current standard in assuring the client that the job has been completed satisfactorily. Again the most important aspect is that our client's needs are met. If you require the data by a certain deadline we are happy to oblige.

eSafe accept the use of EFT for payment of invoices and are prepared to invoice electronically using our current accounts system.

eSafe Services strongly believe that we have the commercial, financial and technical capacity to comply with the all contract requirements.

We maintain our Workforce at a level where it has a capacity of at least 10-15% greater than our current workload to allow for seasonal adjustments to our work. This is also to ensure staff availability for new clients and allow for fast customer response times.