Exit Lights and Signs

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Exit signs are installed in the locations determined by the Building Code of Australia and in according with AS/NZS 2293.1.

They are designed to minimise the risk of death or injury to occupants during an emergency because of an inability to find an exit. They must be visible at all times and are located on, above or adjacent to the specified designated exits and doors.

In a Fire Alarm situation they should direct occupants to a safe place or open space. In the event of a power failure they will operate on battery power for a period of 90 minutes. In accordance with Australian Standard 2293, exit signs and direction arrows shall be white and the background shall be green.

esafe services complies with Australian Standards and does a full 90 minute discharge test on your system.

Reporting is provided by electronic format via email. They can be requested in hard copy or be available online by providing you and your staff with secure login ability.

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