5 Step System

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Regular testing is the key to early detection, safety and reliability. [e]Safe’s five-step system helps to eliminate the tragic consequences of workplace electrical accidents and the industrial implications that follow.


Step 1: Check

All inventory items first undergo close visual inspection for signs of wear, damage or abnormalities that may render any of them unsafe.


Step 2: Test

Deep testing is then carried out via our mobile state-of-the-art appliance test station which immediately reports any safety issues. The test station records the real-time test results including description and details of the item tested, updates your inventory and automatically books the next testing date.


Step 3: Tag

Items that pass testing are tagged to identify and visually confirm the safety compliance and testing cycle. Failed equipment is immediately identified with a hazard warning tag and management is immediately notified. [e]Safe can perform repairs as requested.


Step 4: Data Transfer

A full description on the items tested including real-time results is downloaded to [e]Safe’s central computer data base. This provides an up-to-date secure electronic record of your organisation’s electrical assets. Testing reports are securely stored in our dedicated [e]base so that the complete safety history of all your electrical equipment can be instantly recalled.


Step 5: Report

Concise reports of the exact tests results are provided via your choice of hard copy, CD-ROM or [e]Safe’s secure web site. These reports contain detailed information of electrical assets including bar code number, item location, description, test date, next test date, test results and much more.


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