Safety Tags and Labels

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eSafe services robust synthetic test tags have been manufactured to endure the harshest of environments.

Colour Coded Systems

eSafe services uses a combination of colour coded tags that not only comply to specific codes as outlined in legislation but also helps in visually identifying items requiring testing.

Custom Designed Tags

If your organisation has a specific requirement in tag colour and or tag design, please enquire. 

Test Failure Notification

When items do not comply to Australian Standards, they shall be identified with eSafe’s DANGER DO NOT USE label. Your eSafe technician will promptly notify your representative and furnish them with eSafe’s Interim Fail Report. This report will detail the item number, location and description of the failed item.

Below is a sample of the tags we deploy on a day to day basis.

6 Months Tags1 Year Tag2 Year Tag5 Year Tag